Marshall's greek gift surprised Ruy Lopez not just once but twice


Since I posted my blog with the title  Greek Gift helped Marshall win in Ruy Lopez, I played at least seven more 5/0 live games using the same line against players whose ratings range from 1900s to 2100s.  Of these seven games, I won five, drew one and lost one, giving me an overall record of 12-1-1 in using the trap since I joined two months ago. I am posting below three games I played today in the Marshall Attack.  You would notice that in our second game, the opponent was trying to avoid the trap but instead made another losing move.

On the lone lost game, the opponent was in the above 2100 rating level but played almost exactly like the 2500-rating computer that analyzed the game shown in the original blog. I was intending to show that particular game here but system does not give its members the tool to sort the thousands of live games according to opening. Live games are actually just sorted by date.

We all know that an archive that is not properly sorted is really not an archive but is just a clutter. Is that sorting functionality of our live games too difficult for the programmers to create, or is it too resource-consuming for our host to maintain? I guess not. Maintaining a large database that is hardly usable defeats the purpose of having one.

I maybe asking too much as a member, but hey, I have a diamond membership. I thought that premium membership comes with a good database of our games. Unfortunately, only the "online" ones are searchable.

I played a few games on this site: today. The site looks awesome but I did not have the chance to understand what it is all about. They have tokens ringing like a slot machine and feels like you are playing in an arcade. 


I just finished editing this blog and went back to play a few games. The trap added another victim. The trap really works with more than 90 percent success rate: