My first FIDE rated tournament


So finally I found a tournament here in Belgium - or actually, the tournament found me. 


For an unrated player (no, they still don't respect ratings), it isn't easy to get into a strong tournament, especially as there aren't too many of these (to the best of my knowledge) here in Belgium. 


So I had to enter a tournament where there are nine players in all, seven of whom have FIDE ratings, and they average 1924.

This could have been a lot worse - but I would prefer the average to be a hundred points higher, as if I finish with 4.5 out of 7 against these players (a likely result, based on what I consider to be my actual strength), it will give me an initial rating of 1954 according to the rating formula for new players, rather then 2026 which would be my actual performance. 

I had three rated games, with a 2119 performance but which would only count as 2009 - but curiously enough, they were played in the year 2009, and won't be counted - which means that I will need to play 2 more rated games by June 2015, to get that initial rating at all... it's about time, at my advanced age. 

So I will be posting the games here, once every week (except next week, which is a bye). Comments and contributions are, as always, intensely welcome. 

Game 1 is coming.