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"A story about a chess player and his chess family"

"A story about a chess player and his chess family"

Nov 18, 2016, 7:33 AM 0

A nice blog:A secret:this is my family and me is near the my father Ghenadie.this photo was in 2013 on New Year.My name is David and my chess brother name is Ariel.Our names is write up.You can see this?(Its nice,really?)happy.pngOur family has four children(my smaller sister,Azalia is no in this photo, because she was born in 2014).All my family is from Moldova.On 3 November our family migrated in Israel.I am 4 form (Dalet),but my brother Ariel-7 years is in 1 form (Aleph).Today my sisters Sofia-5 years and my small sister Azalia-today have 2 years!!!!happy.pngCongratulations!!!!.Now,lets go in back!It was in November 2013.My classmate,Maxim show to me the club of chess.There I learn chess2,5 years,with Maxim-3 step and my friend Gabriel-3step,too until 2 step(category).A, my brother Ariel has 3 step,too.My first chess trainer name was Socolovschii Veaceslav.In February 2016 I win the chess rated player- Miron, Iurii, and make my Elo rating-1296.To have more information open Sontu, David rating.Today I learn chess on Postnys coacher Bykhovsky, Avigdor.Open you chess carrierre and win in 2030 World Chess Championship!!!!!!happy.png

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