Paul Keres VI: The Eternal Second by chess24 staff

Feb 10, 2017, 2:34 AM |

Paul Keres will always be remembered as one of the greatest players never to become World Champion. He never even got to play a match, though as the latest instalment of Joosep Grents’ centennial series on the Estonian legend shows, he couldn’t have come much closer. From 1953 until 1959 he finished second in three Candidates Tournaments in a row. Youngsters Bobby Fischer and Mikhail Tal also appear on the scene, with Keres more than holding his own as he enters his fifth decade.



43-year-old Keres (left) plays 22-year-old Tal in an Estonia-Latvia match in Tallinn in spring of 1959. Later that year Keres beat Tal in three of their four Candidates Tournament games but still finished 2nd to the Magician from Riga and missed out on a World Championship match | photo: Gunnar Vaidla, ESM F 188:56/B 1419, Estonian Sports Museum 


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