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What chess giving to you?

Nov 11, 2016, 8:23 AM 1

An important question:What chess giving to you?The one of the important hobbies of the world is chess.Chess is giving to you more brain,success for mathematic and logic.On example the chess is giving to you premies and rewards, too.When you win a rated chess player you open you elo rathis rating can be on blitz, rapid and standard-classic.My rating std. is 1284 and on blz:1309.When you win a  chess tournament, you can come home with cups,medals,moneys and diploms.200 milions peoples play chess and have Elo rating,today.I recomended you to go on a chess profesor,learn chess and open you chess carrierre.its good to open your chess carrierre on4-8 years.I recomended you to watch today  on 20:00 World Chess Championship, because when you see the parties of the good chess players you have the ocassion to play and learn chess good.SUCCESS AND FOLLOW MY ADVICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!happy.pngbp.pngbb.pngbn.pngbr.pngbq.pngbk.pngwp.pngwb.pngwn.pngwr.pngwq.pngwk.pnghalf.png0-0-0.png0-0.pngchesspawn.pngplayhand.pngtrophies.pngtactics.pnggold.pngdiamond.pngpin.pngplatinum.pnglessons.pngfriends.pngdaily.pngthumbup.pngvotechess.pngopenings.pngvideos.pngdevices.pngarchive.pngblitz.pngclubs.pngfork.pngstats.pngskewer.pngsettings.pngresign.pngexplorer.pnglive.pngpeshka.pngbullet.pngcoaches.pngcomputer.pngarticles.pngangry.pngmeh.pngfrustrated.pnghappy.pnggrin.pngevil.pngcry.pngnervous.pngsad.pngshock.pngsurprise.pngtear.pngtongue.pngwink.png.TO HAVE ACCESS TO MENTIONED OPTIONS I RECOMEND TO YOU TO JOIN THE BEST SITE :chess.com!!!!!THIS SITE OFFER TO YOU VERY MUCH OPTIONS TO PLAY CHESS- WITH CHESS THIS SITE OFFER TO YOU:CRAZYHOUSE,BUGHOUSE,CHESS960 AND MORE OTHER POSSIBILITIES TO PLAY.YOU CAN LEARN VIDEOS AND LESSONS,SOLVE TACTICS, PLAY DAILY CHESS,VOTE CHESS, PLAY ONLINE TOURNAMENTS!!!!!!PLEASE JOIN THE BEST SITE TO PLAY CHESS:chess.com!!!THIS SITE HAVE EVERY DAY 5,700 NEW MEMMBERS-BUT IN TOTAL THE SITE HAVE 15,680,200MEMBERS!! PLEASE JOIN THIS SITE !!!GOOD LUCKhappy.png AND A BIGGER CHESS CARRIERREhappy.pnghappy.pnghappy.png!!!!!!!!!

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