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Material vs. Positional Advantages: Gruenfeld Defense

Material vs. Positional Advantages: Gruenfeld Defense

Mar 8, 2010, 2:18 PM 1

I am currently in the chess.com 1200-1400 Gruenfeld Tournament in which I have managed to play quite well so far. I finished on top of my bracket and am so excited to move on to the the next round. Most importantly, I learned a lot from this tournament. Of course, I learned a lot about the theory behind the Gruenfeld Defense, and it is indeed an excellent opening. Another thing I learned from this game is the necesary balance between positional and material advantages. My chess motto has always been, "If you're not on the attack, you're not winning" --clearly highlighting my preference for generating a positional advantage first and foremost rather than a material one. In this game, I feel like I really brought this motto to life, as characterized by a dubious bishop sacrifice to gain the upperhand. Follow along to see how it played out! =)

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