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Around Shanghai❤️ #1: The Chef

Around Shanghai❤️ #1: The Chef

Jul 18, 2015, 12:22 AM 2

Sometimes when I'm walking around Shanghai with a particularly friendly look on my face (read: When a Chinese girl is with me so they think I must know the town or at least can ask her), tall visitors ask me (they are always over 6 foot, and wearing shorts), "Hey bro, what's the best bar in Shanghai?" Problem is, I don't know, because I am always at Time Passage playing chess on Thursdays.

They make a mean negroni, which helps my game against my longtime rival: The Chef (Chinese Name: 确定吗). We don't need a clock because if the game goes on long enough he's sure to win "on negroni."

Below is one example, from my first game of the night.

After that, I played another game with him, where I again got way ahead and lost the game around 22. O-O just like this one. Then I went home. Cool My negroni flag had fallen.

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