Outthink, Outsmart, and Outwait your opponent.

Nov 18, 2009, 6:07 PM |

The reason openings are hard to learn for White is because Black has so many options to choose from. Against 1.d4, he could play the Nimzo, Slav, Queen's Gambit Accepted, Queen's Gambit Declined and more. Against 1.e4, he has even more options. The Alekhine, the Sicilian, the Pirc, the Modern, the French the Caro-Kann, the Nimzowitsch, the Center Counter, and 1...e5. And after 1...e5, Black has even more options to choose from.

That may be somewhat disheartening to someone wanting a good opening as White, but don't fear. That is the whole reason I am writing this blog. Today we are discussing a very controversial opening...








This opening was played by Adolf Andersson in three world title matches. And now it bears his name. "The Andersson Opening" It is very odd to say the least. White takes over no central squares and seems to give over the initiative. But don't worry. It still has a few good things about it. 1) After b4, White will have space on the queenside and place to develop his bishop. 2) Even if Black develops a good pawn center, we will be able to destroy it with ease. 3) Because we give our opponent an extra move, we will have a better idea of how to combat it. Here is an example of how White needs to play his game.

I hope my very short opening display is good for you. And maybe you will try to out-think, outsmart, and even out-wait your opponent