Anti-AKP banner for TEKEL workers was confiscated

Feb 2, 2010, 2:58 PM |

Banner supporting the TEKEL workers on strike that was hung on the building of the Communist Party of Turkey in Salihli was confiscated by the policemen.

The banner writing “TEKEL belongs to the people, AKP is sold out” hung on the wall of TKP Salihli District Organization building was confiscated upon the complaint of AKP lawyers and the decision of the Public Prosecution Office.

The decision of prosecution office was delivered to Okan Esen, the president of district organization, by two plain-clothes policemen; after that the president and the policemen arrived to the party building. 20-25 policemen were waiting in front of the building to get the banner. TKP militants in the district administration stated that “No kind of discouragement, pressure or threat cannot harm the solidarity between or party and TEKEL labors.”

“No reconciliation”
Esen, the president of the district, was taken to police station due to charge of insult and his statement was taken. Esen stated in his statement that he didn’t accept the charge of insult, and that the banner reflected the political view of the party and the content of banner was very clear. Esen underlined he wouldn’t reconcile with the parties plaintiff about this charge. After his statement was taken, he was released.

(soL - Salihli)