Nevada State Chess Championship results

Feb 23, 2014, 3:50 PM |

The Nevada State Chess Championship was held February 22-23 at the William Pearson Community center in West Las Vegas. sanctioned by the Nevada State Chess Association affiliate of the American Chess Association.

2014-15 Nevada State Co-Champions are Stan Vaughan and Virgil Reyes, with both scoring 4/5 and earning $300 each.

3rd was Gary Thomas at 3.5 (ACA rated 1712) while a tie for 4th saw Eddie Miranda (ACA 1654) and Gerald Centienco (ACA 1652) both scoring 3/5 6th place was Michael Elliott (ACA 1808) with 2.5 points. There were 15 players in the championship section.Vaughan had the slightly better tiebreaks (11) to Reyes (10.5) but both were named co-champions.