I made it: the daily puzzle

Sep 25, 2011, 2:11 AM |

Today it started very well... I solved the daily puzzle!

First I show you the problem and then I try to go through my thinking, just to keep it in mind.


So, I understand the problem is not that hard... but everything is easy if you know the answer. And, obviously, the opposite. 
Well, the situation as I saw it at first was: 
Can I create a fork for King and Queen? No, i couldn't
I started thinking if moving Bxh6 forcing gxh6 could help me. I could use the queen to force some King moves. The knight could help me...
I had in mind something like this:
But when I reach this position I don't know what to do as my Knight is there to protect the pawn in d7 and my rooks are far form being helpful.
Then, what to do?
It is in this moment that I see the Queen can threaten the King with 
1. Qc4+
The Black King has nowhere to go but 1... Kf8
And there, my knight can be helpful because I can move
2. Qf7#
because the Knight is protecting my Queen.
Very happy about my thinking.