My plan

Sep 29, 2011, 12:18 AM |

I have been busy in the last days with my work that is keeping my overtime. Not a problem (I like my job) but less time to study. So I need to come up with a plan.

Stuck in the traffic, yesterday morning I started listing stuff to do for my training. Tactics, strategy, quiz, openings, etc... I would like to create a weekly plan, like a gym.

The first questions should be: how many hours per week I need? And how many I can actually find in my normal weekly schedule? 

The second question: how do I know if I listed all the issues correctly? Am I missing anything? Tough one!

The third question is how sholud I pick the training themes to stay together? I mean (since I am not sure I exposed clearly in english), when I listed all the training themes (endgame quiz, openings, GM games, etc...) how do I put them together? Should I put quizzes with openings or with analysis of my games? This will deserve some serious thinking.

My plan needs attention and my work is not helping me in this. But I'll win.