Najdorf Battle № 3. Endgame skill

Najdorf Battle № 3. Endgame skill

CM stepanosinovsky
Feb 4, 2014, 7:05 AM |

Hi Guys!                                                пост на русском
I decided to comment on another one game from an exiting thematic tournament - a Sicilian Najdorf .

The most interesting thing in this game is the endgame, which was finished by a nice, well calculated trick. 
I suggest that you play this endgame with me in the form of solutions to a puzzle, and then view the comments. This format is probably good :) 
Enjoy the whole game after solving a puzzle.


Special thanks to Timothy, who helped me with English.

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You are welcome to comment on the game and share your opinion.
Maybe you have qestions? - Please ask! 

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