A pawn to raise your rating

Feb 24, 2015, 9:34 AM |

As I sat here perspiring from the ongoing match, I realized my opponent's rating was not so much higher than mine. However, then I realized as a new player without any previous game experience my default rating was 1200. Therefore, my rating was not an indicator of my talents but rather my lack thereof. My opponent seemed to  be a chess monster, ruthlessly capturing (or as I at the time called it, "eating") my pawns (soldiers with an hourglass figure), my knights (horses), my bishhop (fancy hat), and my rook (castlehead). I tried calling for help, even going as far as typing my plea in the player's native language foolishly believing there might be beauty within the beast. I was so inexperiended and uneducated at the game I lost my rank of 1200 to 1006. My opponent's rating I noticed was higher. I could feel his wry smirk at the defeat, but realistically the rank was default for him as well since he was basically playing with a blind armadillo. That is when I made the well thought out decision to research on the actual rules before throwing myself back into the field. Although the rules seemed easy enough, putting them into action proved to be much more diificult than expected. Just because stephy loves chess, does not mean chess loves stephy. Needless to say, five possibly intermediate players have a mugh higher rating today because of me! Since it is better to look at the bright side of things, I decided to prioritize the losses as a daily random act of kindness. Maybe this will be my Lenten promise and sacrifice. Although my own rating will probably be some negative infinity smaller than most, someone else's will be a little higher because of my innefiency at the sport of chess. Another lesson learned was that chess has many life lessons lurking in its murderous field of king and queens. It seems whenever we fail at something in life, perhaps we affect something else in a good way. Perhaps or failure was meant to entice or prevaill in another manner. It all depends on how you look at the rating, half high or half low.

Now, I will resume to my exccessive losses and look forward to raising multiple ratings.