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Will the real fair play policy please stand up?

Nov 29, 2016, 5:19 PM 2

Ok so I was playing math_chess76 the other day and won. I declined his rematch request and submitted an open challenge of my own to which he accepted. I no longer wished to play him so I aborted the game and then blocked him. I issued another challenge and low and behold math_chess76 appeared as my opponent once more. After I blocked him. How is this possible? Sooo I let the game auto abort, rechecked math_chess76's block status (which he was still blocked) and issued another challenge. Again math_chess76 was my opponent. After about several aborts which turn into forced resigns even though this guy was clearly harassing me for a rematch my account gets restricted. Really? Because I violated the fair play policy? How? How Sway? How did I violate the policy? How is this, a clear attempt to rid myself of a sore loser who wouldn't go away at all my fault? Even after contacting chess.com directly and explaining the situation my account is still restricted. But this in itself is fair? Who runs this site?

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