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It's getting real...

It's getting real...

Feb 16, 2017, 6:24 PM 2

I am feeling oddly hopeful about this year.

Unfortunately, in the Baltimore area, most everyone you meet tends to be negative, and rather insular in their thinking. I live in a quiet town, tucked away in a quiet community just outside of Baltimore that, let's face it, has no opportunities for artists. Later this year, I am probably going to look into finding work in western Maryland/northern W.VA. because my life is going nowhere in this area. I have a huge appreciation for the maritime culture that I was brought up in. It's just become too routine, too stagnant, being here with little to no change in my circumstances. When I rented a room in Baltimore this past fall, I witnessed human suffering on a scale I that hadn't in my hometown. I was only too aware of the fact that it could easily be me on the street corner, if not for the safety net of living with my folks. Still, many are struggling, and it's all one can do to live in survival mode around here. I was raised to live below my means. I think I adhered to that, but when you have no indication on the horizon of becoming more than what you already are, and have to make do with the same exact paycheck you made three years ago in what is frankly a dead-end job... it's demoralizing. I am in the so-called prime of my life. Quite honestly, I lack the "connections" or social capital that I can use to my advantage in the music industry, or in publishing. So much of the music and publishing industry is smoke and mirrors. And, the wolves are constantly at my door. I might be a small-town "country" girl, but I wasn't born yesterday. I know how to take care of myself, and I will "figure it out." I will make 2017 the year I commit to change and do something about my life and my future.

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