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More on US forces at Burlish camp.

More on US forces at Burlish camp.

Mar 4, 2013, 11:28 AM 5

Just a bit more information. My friend went on a guided walk on the site of the base. She learned that it was set up in 1943 and was occupied by the 8core of 3rd Army about 10000 men. after a year they left and were replaced by 3rd core. they left in june 1945 for D day landings, by July it was converted to a military hospital.The story goes that the last comander had a few Polish army friends living rough in the next town,Kidderminster, so he told them the camp was empty, power was on, huts available and even stores with food so why dont they move in.So it became a polish camp. ref to We love Stourport present and past.  on facebook

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