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US forces in the UK 1943-45

US forces in the UK 1943-45

Mar 2, 2013, 12:02 AM 4

My friend lives in a small Worcestershire town called Stourport on Severn. It has a interesting history so my friend and I researched it and the facts may interest our US members, maybe they or their fathers/grandfathers can relate to it. 

Called Burlish Camp, it was set up as a recieving post for 10000 American troops prior to the invasion of Europe. After which it became a hospital for injured soldiers. We managed to speak to a man who told us this little story. As a boy, he and friends used to go to the gate where the soldiers would give them chocs and other goodies that just were not available in the UK. Then one dark morning they went to the gate only to find the gate open and the camp deserted. A note on the gate read, take what you want we dont need it now, good luck. Isnt that a sad story. Now they are remembered by the memorial stones i have featured. Gen Patton also came to the camp, i understand he was a controversal person. If anyone wants more info, please contact me.

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