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A backstory

A backstory

Aug 26, 2013, 9:21 AM 4

So, I'm sure that many people coming to chess.com have a similar story.  I have played chess before, but I never really took the time to study it.  Before I started reading up on chess, it had been the better part of a decade since I last played, and my game up to that point was. . . well. . . poor at best, and entirely instinctive and analytical.

So, after starting and reading a book by James Eade, and "Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess," I started playing online chess on various applications, Facebook, and with some close friends.  Well, both books were good reads, and maybe I will review them from a beginner's perspective in future blogs, but books are a limited resource.  After some random Google searches, I ended up on chess.com.  Of course, I tried the free 10 tactics problems and committed to a month diamond subscription, so here I am a month later with a now annually renewing subscription.

I have been working through the beginner (1399 rating) study plans and playing some games, though not everything sticks right away.  My condensed notes are being taken in a graphing notebook, which I thought was fitting for chess, as notation is useful, but it’s also nice to see some key positions, especially for tactics and pattern recognition.  I have worked my way through “Beyond the Basics,” “The Opening,” and “Tactics” for beginners, though all of these definitely need a lot of work, even for a beginner.

I plan to work a lot more on my openings as I start to work on strategy, as these two fit together very closely.  I have no intention of ever memorizing an opening, because I’d rather evaluate each position individually (it seems like a good mental workout, and a necessity, if you ever aspire to be a great chess player).

Despite my efforts, my king must look as broken to my opponents as the picture I have included in this post.  With a light tap, he may shatter, but I will constantly work to improve my game, until I can solidify his outer shell.


Pleasant gaming,
~Steven (Sven00100)

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