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A fun Monday night quad

A fun Monday night quad

Jun 3, 2014, 9:11 AM 0

So. . . Monday Night Quad at the Chess Castle of Minnesota--Always fun!

It's possible that it havs been a few months since my last visit to the Chess Castle, but we don't talk about those dark. . . ages?  It was a wonderful turnout; 16 people made a perfect field for 4 quads, giving me a chance to play against some players of similar rating.

I was a bit nervous going into my first game.  It was a very atypical slav; here it is:

 The second game was an opening I've never seen: the Nimzowitsch Lean Variation.  As white, I gave him everything, but it seemed difficult to break through, and the material defecit was decided by some tactical ideas.

 The third game was interesting.  I figured it wasn't a main line, but my opponent left the board relatively closed, probably (accurately) thinking I play mostly open positions.  It was a French Knight Variation, where black was partly compensated in losing space and time by restricting white's mobility.

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