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An interesting up-and-comer

An interesting up-and-comer

Aug 28, 2013, 11:03 AM 3

So I'm sad that I don't have analysis software for this, but after reading into some chess news, and picking (somewhat randomly) a young star to do a google search on, I happened upon Justus Williams.

Anyways, after some digging, I came upon a YouTube video of him playing a blitz game against GM Gregory Kaidanov, and I figured I would record the game here.  It has probably already been done, but I thought it was interesting, and until endgame, it really wasn't apparent to me (note: many positional features escape my grasp, as I am a novice) that Kaidanov had a huge edge.

Here is my recording:

This level of play against an opponent such as GM Kaidanov makes me excited about the future of this young chess player.  I hope to see more as he develops his game!

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