The chess castle 7-13 edition

Jul 14, 2015, 2:12 PM |

So, I've gotten back into playing chess OTB.  Recently, despite not playing the Najdorf Sicilian, I've been very focused on pawn storm ideas coming out of the Najdorf (namely, what I had heard of as the English attack, after Nf6 is played, playing f3 with an eventual idea of h4, g4, and Bd2, preparing f4, and crashing through on the kingside).

Again, this pawn storm idea held weight in one of my OTB matches.

This post is mostly for me to organize my games by posting them so I can give a thorough analysis in comments, but if you are reading this, feel free to comment with your thoughts, ideas, or banter (related or unrelated).  

Game 1: (Steven [1209] vs JJ [1375])

Game 2: (MR [1258] vs. Steven [1209])


Game 3: (Steven [1209] vs MJ [1300])