3 Japanese chess boardlive games are available to watch today - 58th Osho-sen

Dec 7, 2008, 8:39 PM |

The final round of three boardlive games as 58th Osho-sen challenger determining league are available to watch today.

Fukaura Koichi(Oui) vs Maruyama Tadahisa(9 dan) - Kifu for Java
Goda Masataka(9 dan) vs Sato Yasumitsu(Kio) - Kifu for Java
Takahashi Michio(9 dan) vs Kubo Toshiaki(9 dan) - Kifu for Java

Osho-sen challenger determining league is competed by the 7 players such as Fukaura, Maruyama, Goda, Sato, Takahashi, Kubo and Moriuchi. Before the game, the current standings are shown below;

  1. Sato Yasumitsu (3-2)
  2. Maruyama Tadahisa (3-2)
  3. Fukaura Koichi (3-2)
  4. Moriuchi Toshiyuki(3-3)
  5. Kubo Toshiaki(2-3)
  6. Takahashi Michio(2-3)
  7. Goda Masataka(2-3)

Since either Fukaura or Maruyama will end with the score of 4-2, the winner of their game will be a challenger against Habu, or forward to play-off if Sato beat Goda. Top four can survive for the league and bottom 3 will have to leave for preliminary tournament next year. Takahashi and Goda cannot stay in the league already even if they win today. If Fukaura lose and Kubo win, Fukaura will have to leave the league due to his standing of last term.

Here is the official blog of 58th Osho-sen(in Japanese).