Boardlive today and tomorrow - 5th game of Ryuo-sen, Ryuo Watanabe Akira vs Meijin Habu Yoshiharu

Dec 3, 2008, 5:17 PM |

Today and tomorrow are the days for the 5th game of 21st Ryuo-sen 4-win match between Ryuo Watanabe and Challenger Meijin Habu. Watanabe is Sente Player this game. It started at 9:00 am at Musashi in Wakayama prefecture. Before the game, Habu led the score in 3-1. The winner of this series will take 32 million yen as the highest prize money in the professional shogi world.

It is 9:40am in Japan. The opening strategy of this game is going to be Ai-Yagura.

You may watch and replay the game through either of the links below;

Kifu for Flash | Kifu for Java

The official website and blog of the 21st Ryuo-sen are linked below;

Official Site | Ryuo-sen Plus(Official Blog)