Boardlive today and tomorrow - Habu Yoshiharu vs Fukaura Koichi

Jan 27, 2009, 6:12 PM |

Today is the day for the 2nd game of 58th Osho-sen 4-win match between Habu Yoshiharu(Osho, right in the photo) and the challenger Fukaura Koichi(Oui) at Coganoi Bay Hotel in Nanki Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture. Nanki Shirahama is one of the aesthetic landscapes on the seaside. It started at 9:00 am. Habu is Sente Player. The opening strategy is Gote's B-3c at the fourth move. Sente traded the Bishops and then Gote transferred his Rook to the 4th file and to the 8th file. Before the game, Habu led the score in 1-0.

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The allotted thinking time per player is 8 hours and less than 60 seconds per move after consuming it. The game is expected to end in the evening of tomorrow(based on Japan Time).