Japanese chess boardlive now

Jan 31, 2009, 5:38 PM |

Today is the day for 2nd game of Joryu Meijini-sen 3-win match between Joryu Meijin Yauchi Rieko vs Challenger Joryu Osho Shimizu Ichiyo. It started at 9:00am at Memorial mueum for 13rd permanent Meijin Sekine Kinjiro in Noda City, Chiba prefecture, Japan. Yauchi is Sente in this game. The allotted thinking time per player is 3 hours and less than 60seconds per move after consuming it. You can watch and replay the game through the linked Kifu for Java board below;

Yauchi vs Shimizu

The opening is going to Yagura. But Shimizu seems to aim at Migi(right)-Shikenbisha.