Shogi Board&photo live - Fukaura Koichi vs Habu Yoshiharu, 7th game of 49th Oui-sen 4-win match

Sep 24, 2008, 6:06 PM |

Today and tomorrow are the days for the 7th game of 49th Oui-sen between Oui Fukaura and Challenger Habu. The score was tied in 3-3 before the game. The winner of this game will become the next Oui title holder. The game started at 9:00am in Japan. As a result of Furigoma, Habu is Sente(black) player. The venue of the play is at  Hotel Kagetsuen(in Japanese) in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. You can watch and replay the game through the following pages;

    Javascript board | Kifu for Flash

    Photo of Fukaura | Photo of Habu | Photo of Board (These are to be updated approximately every 30 seconds)

The thinking time per player is 8 hours and less than 60 seconds per move after consuming it. It will end tomorrow evening. And the first day will be posed at 6:00pm when the sealed move is made.The game will be restarted at 9:00am tomorrow.