11.2.2010 - The happiest day in my life :)

11.2.2010 - The happiest day in my life :)

Feb 13, 2010, 6:31 AM |

Some time ago, i cant remember when, one old man said to me: "Dont be sad, life is like roller-coaster. Once you are down, but otherwise you go up. Then you feel it..."

Now i can agree. He was right! Last Thursday is a great example. I ve done 2 absolutely hardest exams of whole studies. Especially one, statistics, could change my direction. Because if i failed, i would be sacked from university.

Luckily i ve passed both and celebration could start. Incredible 87 credits in half-year term! Honestly, i havent a clue how i succeed...

Yeah but this is only beginning. After exams i went to a chess club to support my friends in league match. I am just substitute, so there wasnt big possibility, that i would play. However low was, the fate changed it.

"Oh boys! I am sorry i am late, but our washing mashine is out of order. Water is all around my flat. I have to go and repair it." said mate from lineup. "We ll need substitute. Are you ready Peter?" replied team captain.

And i was. With absolutely no stress i played the best game, which you can imagine. Here it is, enjoy:

Already during the game much higher rated chessplayer stopped me: "What is your elo? 2000?" And i told him: "I play without elo." Yeah and after the game almost everyone was asking: "Whithout elo? You must be joking!" But that wasnt joke, i had only my happiest day :)

Finally, words of our team captain, which i ve never forgot: "Thank you Peter! Well done, i am satisfied. Blessed water machine!"