Slovakia almost paralysed whole Canada!

Feb 26, 2010, 10:41 PM |

Amazing, heroic, responsible. Team Slovakia performed well during winter olympics semifinal against Canadians. Fantastic game! Marvellous hockey match. Maybe the best at the tournament. Without doubt better than Canada – Russia, much better than USA – Finland.

One of the games after you cant sleep. And it doesnt matter if you win or lose. The most important is a credit. All Canadians, old or young, were absolutely confident (maybe cock-sure) about win of thier kids before the game. But everything should be different.

Yes, team Canada has big names on roster, I say, they have the best squad in history. But you know, your roster cant win a single match. Slovakia nearly shocked the favourite. What was wrong? Did they underestimate us? No way! Canadians played great attacking hockey with power and speed. The pressure was on and they like it. However, for whole 2 periods team Slovakia made a brave defence (survived the match with 2 penalties!) After that time, Canada led  only by 3 goals.

Then surprising things were happened. Underdogs took offensive action! Canadaplace in Vancouver couldnt belive their eyes. In thrid period better Slovakian players outshot stars 12:7. Once Ľubomír Višňovský and once Michal Handzuš found the net. Canadians were begging: „Please stop it, hockey is Canada`s game...“. But our boys didnt. Huge pressure on Canada team in final minutes, stopped outstanding Luongo. With unbelievable save just few seconds left.

Finaly, Canada survives Slovakia to meet USA in final. But that s not important. More important is a fact, that you should know about Slovakia. And who we are also! Be honest, maybe you first heard about Slovakia. I bet almost everyone in Canada (North America) havent clue where Slovakia is (except for Europe, which is embarassing). What is your attitude? Do you know Cibák, Radivojevič, Marcel Hossa? Tell me!

I dont need to say more just – i am proud of Team Slovakia. I am happy to be Slovak! What about you?