The Legend Of A Chess Board Of Marble And Kasparov

Feb 27, 2016, 8:32 AM |

With this position I went to Branco, this Yugoslavian GM who played in the Olympiad against Korchnoi, and asked him :  " Kf1 ?"










Now you will say - Yes, well what else.


But this happened twenty years ago !!




We met on construction, in Vienna, Austria. He was the foreman. There were many problems; illigal workers, without work permit, ...  and this corrupt police.

We  spoke a lot about politic and, of course, when the war will end. Branco refused to play "I cann't con concentrate anymore" ,    but he couldn't let it ... It was the time when Anand played a famos game with Kamsky in the Marshall-Attac. I claimed " But there was a mate ", Branco laughed - there was none.

And the chess board of marble?

Yes, the white pieces are of ivory, the black are of a stone from the Ural Mountain. The King is about three centimeter and it is said to be very very beautyful, (Sorry, I cann't give a picture)

Mr. Mates, known as a manager of chess events, and who has seen it with his own eyes, said once: "If it's not ivory then it's still worth a tenth of it's price!!"

Nicolai, (men of culture!) told me that it owns to the russian army, that it disappeared from the officers' mess at the end of the Afghan war,

and that it cann't be sold on an public auction, but only for the half of it's prise : 150 000 Austrian Schilling.


I told "the story" to Branco, to all, and said : "Now Kasparov will come, give a simultan, and spent the money to Caritas"

When Kasparov had given the simultan in Vienna he spoke on TV about the war in Yugoslavia, that he had been there playing chess with children, and the vision he had :

- What will be when everything is over ?                                                                                                          - What will remain ?