Game against Manalapan from Junior Year

Feb 27, 2014, 5:35 PM |

Some background as to why I'm posting this over a year later.

While I was playing the guy, I honestly thought he wasn't very good, and was looking for ways to seal the win. I won without too much trouble. In fact, because my memory sucks, I thought the current third board of their team was the guy I played in this game and was passed by the current second board. So I was praising the current second board for passing the old second board and doing so well as board 2 in the Shore High School League FInals. Found out the old second board graduated. That came to me as a shock. I asked if the guy didn't show up when we played him, but he did. I checked my notation sheet that night, and indeed, I did play a guy by the name of James, different than the name of the current third board. I found out that the guy was rated over 1800. That came as a total shock to me. At the time, I was rated in the 1200s, and never beat a player rated over 1300. The reason I post this game is the lesson in confidence. I believe it was Kasparov (or some other Super GM) who claimed confidence was worth as much as a knight. Every time I played someone rated over 1300, I tried too hard to feign confidence to myself, but I was never totally on board with the fact that I could easily win. But anyways, here's the game: