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Memorable Game from States 2012

Dec 25, 2013, 7:55 PM 3

I still believe that in some aspects, my sophomore year chess is superior to my current level. In a frenzy to remember my old strategies, I needed to find the games from my prime- Sophomore year states. Unfortunately, none of those are in my notation book. I literally pieced this one together from scraps in my chess drawer. This game I remember to have been my most mentally strenuous game to date. Those who see me play now know that I get extremely absorbed into a game of chess, but in this game, I still remember the intense sweating and adrenaline. I also had tea that morning, which has a crazy effect on me, especially while playing chess. This was back when the only real attacking plan I knew was the kingside attack, and that too was a crude one of a few rules I kinda figured out OTB in a few games and applied to to others. But damn, I could do it well. This is a good example. Though two years old, since this game was so involving, I still remember my thought processes and will analyze accordingly.

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