Opening Comedy (Empire Open Game 6)

Jan 2, 2014, 9:04 PM |

Okay, some background. So I'm in the process of learning the Benoni Defense. I haven't gotten gotten it down yet, so I stick to my year-old process of playing d5 and hoping to hell I can play the Albin's. And he plays e3. So I start freaking out. Kid's looking at me like I'm stupid since I burned 5 minutes on move 2. d5 was already played, so Benoni was out. If I tried Nf6, I knew my opponent would know exactly what to play, and I'd be in a repeat of game 3, wallowing around for a plan. Then I remembered this Chigorin video I watched a few days prior. I played it once before without even knowing the name in an online game for the sole purpose of castling queenside, so I'd have an imbalance to work with. I decided on the same plan.

So remember, the opponent's playing a weird move on move 2 because he has some system down. This is all he's studied for white, and can get into it no matter what I play. I find out later that it's called the stonewall attack. He must've studied it inside and out.

I have no idea what to play on move 2.

And that's where the comedy begins.