USATE 2016 Games

Feb 19, 2016, 10:28 PM |

Round 1 I played very well until the end, where I couldn't figure out how to make progress, so I offered a draw and it was accepted (The team won anyway and I really didn't want to sit there for another two hours moving pieces back and forth since I did have work to do).

Round 2 featured a really tragic calculation error... I think my problem is that I haven't been doing chesstempo, and all my tactical practice has been in correspondence chess, which allows an analysis board, which I've gotten used to.

Round 3 featured another loss, and I'm really not sure where I went wrong, but I somehow just ended up down a pawn in the Smith-Morra (all my losses this tournament were from this opening, but I was admittedly unprepared in it). There was a win in the endgame for me that we both missed, too.


So far the tournament was pretty bad- drew a winning game in round 1, had a terrible blunder round 2, and had a brutal 5.5 hour game end in a loss. Round 4 was only worse- despite being my first win thus far, it was against a 900ish player in one of my worst games played ever.

The next game was my first and only game I was proud of:

I don't have the notation for the last game, but I have most of it memorized, and recorded what I remembered when I came home from the tournament. It was a loss, but an instructive game in how I lost. In the final position, it is maybe drawn, but black has the winning chances, and I should not have been in that position. I did ultimately lose.