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Café de la Régence

Café de la Régence

Nov 4, 2011, 5:12 AM 0

When I studied Philidor's games, I came across a certain building that was an important part of Philidor's legacy as a chess master of his time. The building was called the Café de la Régence, the chess center of the world at that time. I included a picture of the inside. Many European masters played chess, including blindfold chess and odds chess. Some masters teach other people the game for a fee. Now that was a sight! Masters would play for high stakes, so they are really forced to play strongly or they will end up losing money!

The building is where Philidor made his legacy. He was taught by Kermur Sire De Legall, one of the masters inside. At his first games, with rook odds, he can't even beat his teacher, but time passed and he surpassed his teacher. I wish there was a record of their (Philidor and Legall) games to see the brilliancy.

I keep wondering; was the coffee at the café is as good as the games played there? If I am rich, I think I would like to reopen the café and have masters play games, as well as enjoy sipping hot coffee made by Starbucks! (In reopening the café, I will get a franchise of Starbucks along) And of course, there will be high stakes, so that all players will be driven to play strongly.

To end this blog post, here's a game played inside the famous Café de la Régence. Enjoy!


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