Interesting Openings #2 - Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack

Dec 14, 2012, 5:25 AM |

This is an opening that not very much people know about, or at least most people never played. The opening is 1.b3. Most of you understand the point of this move, bringing the bishop to b2 to control the long diagonal. This opening is interesting because of the position it leads into. The first two moves that come to head after 1.b3 are 1...d5 or 1...e5. We will start with the move 1...e5. People in the first time think it is not a good move for black because the bishop in b2 threatens to take this pawn, but it is a good move for black and white. If you don't belive, i will show you the main line after 1...e5:

Both side are developed with some pieces. The bad thing for black here that the bishop is now protecting the e5 pawn, but soon enough the pawn will get off the board or it will have another defender. This is a really open position, and there are many ways to continue.

The second move for black is 1...d4. As the black side i would like to play 1...e5, because i don't like this position in the black side, but many other people would not agree with me about it. This move leads usually to two situations:

Now white can bring the bishop to g2, and both bishops are fianchettoed. I don't really like this position as the black side.

But sometimes the position leads into knight moves:

Those are really flexible positions for either black or white. The move that looks such a bad move leads into very interesting positions for both sides, and i still didn't try that move, but i am sure i will try it, and i suggest you to do that either.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this opening untill the next interesting opening :)