A Gift for Special Person!!!

Nov 16, 2015, 4:00 PM |

Being one of the best player here in cc, he's so humble and friendly. He's so active playing chess even being an admin. He always willing to lend a hand when you needed him.


As my BFF or my right hand......he knew me more....even only my words......he knew what I felt.

For this special day (Nov.17).... I want to tell all of you....who is Oliver_Sp.

He's shy and quiet. Very refined and easy to talk to. He's so humble even if we knew that he's really a strong player.

In his own way.....he make you comfortable with him, never wanted to hurt anybody.

As my admin......ohhhhh ..... he's  so helpful, hard working and reliable. There wasn't a time when I needed him in the team that he turned his back. He supported all the members 100 percent.

This 3 videos for you Oliver for our friendships. In behalf of Ione and my kids. We want to greet you "A Very Happy Birthday!!! " 




 I hope you will like it!!!

Happy happy birthday BFF!!!

Thanks for being a good friend and a partner on our teams.