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Aberdeen Chess Training Day Sunday 11th September Part 1

Aberdeen Chess Training Day Sunday 11th September Part 1

Sep 16, 2016, 11:13 AM 2

A chess training day was held in Shell's Woodbank House on the 11th of September. 15 players of all ages and playing strengths attended and the session was run by myself (2150 OTB, head coach for Scotland in the Glorney/Gilbert competition 2016).  My coaching style is based on the Socratic method of asking the students questions as I feel Chess is like Music in that you cannot passively learn much - you have to engage your brain, to practice, to solve! This blog is similar in that most of it is puzzles - it should give you an idea of what the session was like if you weren't there and really reinforce the lessons if you were!

The theme of the first two sessions was development. The first game analysed was Morphy's Opera Game. Even if you have seen this game before I guarantee there are some things you have not looked at before in the puzzles below. 


The themes exposed in the above puzzle were : "Development is a temporary advantage so you have to act fast" and "In order to exploit a lead in development one has to open up lines for our developed pieces to use, even at the cost of material" In this case the d-file is already open and the e8-a4 diagonal is opened sacrificially
White to play and finish the game once and for all
 Some supplementary puzzles based on variations from the game :
 but what about 0-0-0 instead of Rd1? Is white's development worth hanging a piece with check? This position was our first training position where we separated into pairs and played the position out to experience the position for ourselves
Another sideline from the Morphy game that I was intending to use as a training game position but we ended up having not enough time.

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