Tell me you love to dream

May 1, 2013, 6:53 AM |

To me it is all a dream.

Why write when I’d rather scream?

When the more I think the less, it seems.

The more words I use the less they mean.

The more I scream the less I dream.

The more I please the less I’m me.

To me it is all a dream.

The more I’m me the less I’m we,

The more I’m me the more lonely,

The more I leave the more I need to be something I’ll never be in the reality of things.

Misunderstood vivid dreams, misinterpreted passion and lonelier than I’ll ever be.

I don’t care, I’ll follow this dream.

I’ll think like me and grow to be the loneliest man you will ever see…

At least I can still dream. To me it is all a dream.