Humiliating defeat R.1 at my club

Feb 6, 2015, 12:08 PM |

Round 1 didnt start well at my clubs spring tournament. I was paired with Per Isaksson rated 2062 and I was playing black. Per is a really nice guy. I remember playing him and drawing in a blitz game on my first evening at the club two years ago. He was really friendly and talked to me alot about Iceland. I had lived in Sweden for about three months so I didn't really understand what he was saying to me. Just said "ahh" which is sort of a lazy "yes" in swedish.

Anyway I made a very bad decision in my opening, playing a line that I don't really know. That's not a good idea when you are playing someone 400 points higher rated than you. So I got absolutely humiliated in this game. Not that its humiliating to lose to Per, but I just lost in a humiliating way. Enjoy:

Lessons learned from this game:

1. Don't go for an opening variation you don't know against someone much better than you.

2. If you can develope with tempo, just do it. 

I've played two more games since my last blog with white. One was at my club and one at Stockholmserien. I won both games against my much lower rated opponents. Will post soon.