Round 1 KIA vs the Dutch

Sep 9, 2015, 3:38 AM |

Now the chess season has finally started. I haven´t played over the board since April so I have had an unbearable chess craving. This fall my club will be playing Berger rounds. So our members are divided into groups according to their rating, so everyone has a similar rating in each group. My groups consists of players rating from 1620 to 1790. My rating has been gone up 200 points now in the last year and is now at 1711. I am a bit nervous now before the rounds that I might be overrated and that my rating will plummet playing all these strong players in my group.

Anyway, here is my Round 1 game which I played yesterday. I had the white pieces and played the KIA vs. the Dutch. Overall I think I playd OK, but I really should have found a better way to punish blacks mistakes. Enjoy!


I have not computer analyzed the game yet. I appreciate all comments and critique on my game here.