Stockholmsserien 2014-15 round 4

Jan 18, 2015, 12:11 PM |

I'm going to try and post all of my over the board games I play this year on this blog. Mostly for myself and to force myself to analyse my own games. I will try to not use any computer in my analysis. I have just had my best season last fall. I finished 15th at my clup with 6/9 (my starting position was 50). I went up around 100 points from 1523 to 1619 (LASK). Now my goal is to rech the 1800 mark and become a class A player.

This game was played today in Stockholmsserien 2014-2015 in Division IV. Before the new year I was playing board 3 but since I have gained so many rating points now I'm playing board 1. 

Time controls were 2 hours for 40 moves, plus 1 hour after 40 moves with no increment. All comments are appreciated.

My opponent left immediately after the game so unfortunately we did not do a post mortem. All comments are appreciated.