Breaking news!

Feb 15, 2014, 7:17 PM |

hello everyone!

I come to deliver the news that the chessbowl has a new home!

Big changes are coming to the chessbowl.

One, games will be played out by the members representing the teams. (you will have to reapply for the team of choice if you are representing a team right now and will have to be a member of Chess Titans)

the games itself will be a 30 minute game on live chess.

You will be expected to figure a time to play this game with your opponent.

after the game both players are expected to contact me in some sort of way, wether it be message, live chat, or a note, saying what the result was.

the tournament will be a 5 game single elimination process. if you lose you are out until the next season. 

the chessbowl will be renamed the league of champions and this event will be given the name chessbowl.

the application process will be discussed in a later blog.