Season 5

Feb 27, 2014, 8:33 AM |

welcome to the fith season of the chess bowl!

The Bills will play the Steelers

The Colts will play the Jets

The Browns will play the Texans

The Broncos will play the Ravens

The Chiefs will play the Raiders

The Dolphins will play the Titans

The Chargers will play the Bengals

The Patriots will play the Jaguars

The Rams will play the Panthers

The Seahawks will play the Giants

The Lions will play the 49ers

The Eagles will play the Buccaneers

The Vikings will play the Packers

The Bears will play the Cowboys

The Saints will play the Falcons

The Cardinals will play the Redskins


The Steelers beat the Bills 24-18

The Colts beat the Jets 24-19

The Browns beat the Texans 31-23

The Broncos beat the Ravens 13-9

The Raiders beat the Chiefs 17-10

The Titans beat the Dolphins 23-17

The Bengals beat the Chargers 29-28

The Patriots beat the Jaguars 14-10


The Panthers beat the Rams 19-10

The Seahawks beat the Giants 24-6

The Lions beat the 49ers 17-10

The Eagles beat the Buccaneers 28-23

The Packers beat the Vikings 40-25

The Cowboys beat the Bears 41-34

The Saints beat the Falcons 34-7

The Cardinals beat the Redskins 38-24


The Colts will host the Steelers

The Broncos will host the Browns

The Titans will host the Raiders

The Patriots will host the Bengals


The Seahwks will host the Panthers

The Eagles will host the Lions

The Cowboys will host the Packers

The Cardinals will host the Saints 



Steelers beat the Colts 34-20

The Broncos beat the Browns 38-10

The Titans beat the Raiders 24-17

The Bengals beat the Patriots 16-10


The Seahawks beat the Panthers 22-10

The Lions beat the Eagles 31-28

The Packers beat the Cowboys 48-42

The Cardinals beat the Saints 34-31


The Steelers will host the Broncos

The Titans will host the Bengals


The Seahawks will host the Lions

The Packers will host the Cardinals


The Broncos beat the Steelers 31-22

The Bengals beat the Titans 20-7

The Seahawks beat the Lions 34-9

The Packers beat the Cardinals 20-10


The Bengals will host the Broncos in the AFC Championship

The Packers will host the Seahawks in the NFC Championship


The Broncos beat the Bengals 29-7

The Seahawks beat the Packers 21-7


The Broncos will face the Seahawks in the Superbowl!


The Seahawks beat the Broncos 27-17 in the superbowl!