Dundee and Angus congress 2013

Nov 10, 2013, 4:54 AM |

I entered in the major in this congress,which was a bit ambitious as this was my first ever adult tournament but I wanted to see how strong I really was.Enjoy!

Round 1:Alapin Sicilian: My opponent refused to castle until I gained the initiative and started breaking open the centre,with a very satisfying finish.

Round 2: Alekines defense :I got a very strong position made a slight positional mistake and then my opponent just blundered his knight.
Round 3:I made lots of blunders in this game partly because I was under pressure and I came up with a bad plan. I had a chance to get back into the game however I didnt see it.
Round 4: I made a few mistakes and again I was tied up to the defense of my pawns however I escaped with a lucky draw.
Round 5:I had a space advantage for the whole game but the position was about equal ,but then my opponent blundered and it was easy to win after that.