South ayr congress (SCOTLAND)

Feb 9, 2014, 8:17 AM |

I entered the major expecting tough opposition-thats what I got.

Round 1 Feeling excited and ready for this tournament.I got in to a comfortable position from the start and I just cruised along taking no risks.

Round 2:I had a frustrating lost against Rosie Guilian-but at least I know I managed to outplay somebody strong.

Round 3 :I got a Default point,luckily I found someone to play.Opening:Sicillian yugoslav.I miscalculated in a postion where I was winning and blundered a bishop.

Round 4:I was determined to win the next two games.I got into a much better position but it gradually slipped and I blundered in the end.

Round 5: Piece of cake.My opponent played like a 900 rated player-I guess he may have been exhausted.I just played natural moves and won.I didnt learn anything but hey ,who can argue with a win?

Thanks for looking.Greatly appreciate it if you have any feedback.