do you play the 4-move checkmate?

Feb 8, 2010, 5:51 PM |

 Dear players ,

 If you play the 4 move checkmate(e4.e5.Bc4.Nc6.Qf3.a3.Qxf7#).Please do not play it . First, it is VERY disrespectful.Second, you it get you into a bad position if it fails because you are under developed. Third, if it fails , your Queen will be in a bad position because your Queen will be bounced around the board when your opponent attacks your Queen. When your opponent attacks you Queen, they develop and attack your Queen. So you can't develop because you have to move your Queen. If your opponent is lucky or skilled they will trap your Queen and you dont want that to happen, right? Even if your opponent does not know the 4-move chechmate. You still should not play it because it is still direspectful.I hope you will stop playing the 4-move chechmate.