Bulldogs on a Charge

Apr 4, 2012, 4:31 PM |

Last weekend saw rounds seven and eight of the Four Nations Chess League. Back to Hinckley Island for this one and we were paired with Bristol 3 in round 7 and were up against SCS in round 8.

Round 7 scorecard:

Bristol 3
1795   Banbury Bulldogs 1829
461 w Ponter, Ian P   2019 ½ - ½ Bruce, David J   2069
462 b Slade, Theo   1826 c ½ - ½ Lawson, Timothy D   1890 c
463 w Bromilow, Edward T   1872 ½ - ½ Evans, Christopher J   1762 c
464 b Taylor, John Paul J   1850 c 1 - 0 Martin, Nick   1810 c
465 w Dunlop, Neil J   1833 0 - 1 Walker, Adrian N   1786 c
466 b Smith, Chris P   1370 c 0 - 1 Rumsby, Stephen   1658 c
  2½ - 3½  

The games went pretty much as expected in terms of ratings and we ran out narrow winners but it's the team win that's important rather than individual results.

Round 8 scorecard:

  Banbury Bulldogs 1910   SCS 1749
441 w Bruce, David J   2069 1 - 0 Taylor, Robert P   1976
442 b Portman, Carl S   2002 c ½ - ½ Jarvis, Derek A   1962 c
443 w Staples, Neil   1954 c ½ - ½ Heard, Andrew H   1938 c
444 b Lawson, Timothy D   1890 c 0 - 1 Graham, Neil   1826 c
445 w Evans, Christopher J   1762 c 1 - 0 Chandrasekaran, Siddharrth   1434 c
446 b Graff, Ben   1786 c 1 - 0 Ballard, Edward   1362 c
  4 - 2  


So, two wins out of two in this, the fourth weekend of the Four Nations. One more weekend to go (this is a three round event). If selected after my dismal showing in my game, I will be reporting on those rounds as well!

It's important the team is winning and we have now climbed into a respectful mid-table position. However, our matches are likely to be getting a lot tougher as we will most likely be up against stronger opposition in the next three rounds. We have probably slightly over achieved to be in this position! Here's a link to the tables:


Shall I show you my games? Well, I guess I had better. I've not annotated any of them yet but suffice to say I took the easy draw option in round 7 against a very talented youngster and my poor form continued in round 8 where I came up against an unusual opening which I think I handled okay but where I had to defend accurately and didn't!

Round 7:

Round 8:

I was very pleased that we are now up to 24th in the third division (out of 44 teams) since we have been languishing in the bottom 10 most of the season due to a poor start. When I say poor start, we were pitted against some tough opposition in the first two rounds and my guess is we will get more of the same in rounds 9,10 and 11.