Daventry Club Night

Sep 12, 2012, 3:35 PM |

The Daventry Club Championship is a competition where I have, in the past, systematically failed to smother myself in glory.

Tonight, I had the black pieces against the Rev. David Collinson in the first of our five round swiss event. Here's the game then;

Also tonight, our B team were in action against Shirley & Wythall "C" in division 3. Unfortunately, the team lost 2-1 and unforutnately I didn't get the opponents names. I suppose therefore that I shouldn't really "name and shame" our own players as that might be bad for morale....

Alan Eley (board 1) - LOST

Andy Johnson (board 2) - WON!

Abbie Stevens (board 3) - LOST

Needless to say that any more dire performances like that will result in ritual beheadings. We really need the B & C team to carry the banner for us this season - the A team have to take a back seat this time around since we're going to be up against it in every match!

Seriously though, Shirley usually field a strong side but I know we can do better and do well in Division 3 with the players we have available. They just need "motivating" properly, that's all.......