New Year - Same old rubbish!!

Jan 5, 2012, 7:05 AM |

Okay, a nice short game to get the New Year kicked off. I had a good opportunity to get a much better (and most likely winning) position. Of course, I failed to spot it and eventually wound up in a slightly inferior (difficult to defend, if not losing!) position.

That said, the Stowford Press cider on offer at Ye Olde Reindeer Inn (yes, it really is a pub called by that name!) at Banbury's venue always goes down well!

We were without our regular board 2 and due to his work patterns, it looks like we might be missing Andy for most of the rest of the season which is a huge disappointment and might well impact on our league position. We have moved up to 2nd in the league (joint top on "goal difference" but others have a game in hand). This is still an excellent performance since we are generally out graded on most boards.

Poor Rob lost again on Board 2 (I think he was blaming the mince pies but I couldn't see that myself), Andy Johnson drew on board 3 (I thought he might be winning at one stage but can't be sure - that's the Stowford factor talking!).

Board 4 was an interesting game and I felt Kevin was winning but he had no time left. A draw was agreed although when we looked back at it, his opponents' final move was a bad blunder. With just about two minutes left to make a decision, Kevin hastily agreed a draw - whether he would have had time to win had he played on was also debateable!

So, we drew the match 2-2.

Here's my game;